We guarantee your Tent house adventure to be “UNIQUE & LUXURIOUS” an accommodation second to none.

Nothing but nature as far as you can see. No special detail has been missed to make this a unique wilderness getaway you wont want to miss out on!

The YD Guest Ranch takes the word “Glamping” to a whole new level.

Your unique luxury Tent Cabin is individually handcrafted from the best quality materials. They are made to give you the ultimate glamping experience. The roof is made out of a high density canvas which will protect you from the elements.

They are built on an elevated deck covered with beautiful area rugs. To keep with the rustic feel they have propane heaters to take the chill off.

As you snuggle in for your nights sleep under your luxury down duvet you can here the soft rustle of the trees. (No one can say you weren’t camping) Luxury mixed with nature the best recipe for a unique glamping vacation.

Luxury in the heart of the B.C. wilderness...

Glamping at its finest

 Shared washrooms