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The Monashee Mountains are a mountain range lying mostly in British Columbia, Canada, extending into the U.S. state of Washington. They stretch 530 km (329 mi) from north to south and 150 km (93 mi) from east to west. They are a sub-range of the Columbia Mountains.


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We are in North Okanagon
North Okanagan is home to flourishing wilderness roaming with wild life. Historic towns eager to preserve their rich heritage are tempting and friendly for those who wish to explore. Most of all, this region is renowned for its diverse array of activities.

The awe-inspiring Monashee Mountain Range dominates the landscape in this region and beckons for the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. With a variety of powder-covered mountain peaks, bounteous lakes and wild life filled forests, the possibilities are endless. Monashee Provincial Park contains 7,513 hectares of untouched mountain wilderness that supports grizzly bear, mountain caribou, wolverine and mule deer. Although undeveloped and lacking road access, there are a variety of switch back trails for hikers of all skill levels to enjoy. Those who love to carve through fresh powder will inevitably find their way to Tsuius Mountain and its associated peaks. With over 1,520 vertical meters (5,000 feet) of powdered slopes, the terrain here is perfect for a downhill thrill through steep, tree-studded inclines.

 Monashee Mountains